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We keep ‘warning’ you about the busy season. Actors who have been active in the industry for more than a year understand how truly busy and fast-paced June all the way through November can really be! New actors – take note!
Having all of your actor profiles up-to-date and completed in its entirety can help you in more ways than you can know.
Casting Directors and their clients are visual people. They want to see how you can embody their vision to bring their project to life. The more you have available for them to see, the better your chances are of;
                         *being selected for and audition
                         *being short-listed for a role
                         *booking a project right from your headshot/profile!
First things first, make sure your basic information is correct and up -to-date.
                         *Contact Info, Headshots, Size Card, and Resume
Next, make sure your talents, skills, and unique abilities are highlighted in each of your profiles. Casting Workbook and Actors Access both have different styles of layout, but the information should always be the same. Do you have video footage of any of your skills? (ie) playing hockey, horseback riding, or snowmobiling. Have these files readily available, you never know when casting might  need a little extra.
Make your profile stand out, and give your Agent more materials to work with at the same time
Slate Shot – a simple 5-10 second video of you introducing yourself and stating what agency represents you. **Free service on Actors Access and Casting Workbook
Demo Reel – a 3-5 minute film of your best work! For new actors, this could be a monologue that you have prepared or a filmed portion from a workshop you have attended. **This may require additional payment**
Voice Demo – with the animation sector growing exponentially, their search for voice actors is growing just as quickly. Upload your file (no more than 1 minute each) to your profiles. **This may require additional payment**
​These are very small things that can make a huge difference in your career.
If a casting director is booking a project from headshots it means its a last minute ​urgent request. At this point the will require an urgent selfie (to make sure you look like your headshot) as well as up to date sizing. This is why it is crucial that all actors headshots are up to date and true representation of them.
How do your profiles stack up? Do they stand out? Are you as prepared as you can be to maximize your visibility? Agents can only remind and suggest so many times before it becomes redundant. Be as prepared as you can be; your career and its path is directed by you!

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