FilmComm is one of the top Television and Film Agency in TORONTO, representing union and non-union actors.

We do have a Junior Division for babies.

We are a member in good standing of the EIC.


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FilmComm works with the top businesses in Canada, including Canada Post, CTV, MasterCard, McDonald’s and more.


MELISSA opened FilmComm Talent in 2005 with a starting roster of 34 actors. FilmComm quickly grew in the Niagara Region to a roster of 200 Principal actors within 1 year.

FilmComm Talent became the strongest Principal Agency in the Niagara/Halton Region within 3 years of opening their doors.

They relocated to Toronto and Burlington in 2015.  Melissa wanted FilmComm to be in a convenient location for both the Niagara and Toronto based actors. She believes that despite the Skype and internet technology of today, actors should be able to have a coffee and a sit down with their Agents every few months.

OUR MISSION is to educate this region on the E.I.C codes of ethics and workings of the industry so that aspiring actors and models can decipher a legitimate agency from a fraud.

We do not advertise and we do not hold open calls. To be considered for an evaluation with an agent all actors must email their contact info, measurements and age through the website. An agent will be in touch to book an evaluation.