J.R. Ross

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Hi there!

I’m J.R. Ross and I signed up with Film/Comm in the fall of 2014. In the past year I’ve had the good fortune to appear in several television programs known as docu-dramas. They air on the Investigative Discovery Channel in North America and the U.K. I have also done voice over work for a U.S. production. In the past month I have earned my credits and have now joined ACTRA. I was selected for a role in the mini series production 11/22/63 (a novel by Stephen King) and appear in a dramatic scene with James Franko. I just completed a feature movie project entitled Filth City where I play a character named Jimmy Roach. I am elated with the work done for me by Film/Comm and have nothing but kind words to share. The Casting Houses are intimidating at first but the more auditions you attend the better you become at potentially landing roles. Know your lines and be prepared prior to the audition. We usually assume the casting director wants us to act in a certain way at an audition. This may not be the case so you have to be prepared to change the course in a hurry. But hey, that’s half the fun. Remember to not get discouraged if you don’t land a part. You will never know why you were not selected even if you think you nailed it. That’s just the nature of the beast. Exude confidence and believe in yourself. Melissa will take care of the rest.

Best of luck in your new career


Bernadette Medhurst

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As a client with Filmcomm, I appreciate the efforts Melissa and her staff put into promoting their clients, working with details and being available for questions when required. Their support and professionalism is appreciated. The in-house workshops with CD’s hosted by Filmcomm, was terrific, and very valuable. Melissa is invested in her clients, and that speaks volumes in an industry where it is easy for clients to get lost among the faces and names. The casting houses I have been invited to audition at, have ALL been courteous, professional and organized. A challenging prospect when you think about the volumes of people, roles to fill, expectations and deadlines to be met.

I appreciate the honesty, guidance and contacts provided in the past year by my Agent, Casting Directors that I have had the opportunity to speak with, and the various coaching and acting mentors that have lent me their wisdom. I look forward to continuing to work with Filmcomm in an ever growing and changing industry. Thank-you Melissa and Clay for your continued support and efforts!

Lori Kay

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I have found the industry to be surprisingly kind, people have been happy to be working and fun. The shoots I have been on have been well organized and professional. Filmcomm has be patient in teaching me the ways of the industry. The agency has been easy to deal with as they are direct and concise in sending me out on auditions. Overall this has been a very enjoyable experience.



Darren Washington

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In the spring of 2011, I went with a friend to sit in on her meeting with Filmcomm. I, myself, had no aspirations of being an actor, model, or any type of entertainer. While I was there, both Melissa and Helena saw something in me that made them feel that I could have good success in the business… so I took a chance on the idea. These ladies knew what they were talking about. Auditions came immediately and it wasn’t long before I landed roles on the Syfy and discovery channels. Soon after, I landed several print jobs as the opportunities seemed to be flowing my way. I must say that Scott has really been on point as far as handling my bookings and communicating everything necessary for the audition at hand. Besides that, he’s really a great guy.

I’ve been with Filmcomm for about a year and a half now. My experience and success has exceeded any expectation that I ever imagined to this point. I have built a very respectful resume of work while making some healthy bank deposits at the same time. Currently, I am an ACTRA apprentice and moving foward in the Biz. I am really grateful for the opportunity afforded to me because you never know when the window will close on you. Filmcomm gave me a chance and I took advantage of it. Now I’m just going to see how far this ride takes me. This has been an experience that I know I will always reflect on. Thanks to the crew at Filmcomm.

Daron Washington

Cienna Prendergast

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We had no idea what to expect when we were approached by a talent scout representing FilmComm. Having no prior experience in the field, we were reluctant but encouraged by her sincerity. Who knew Cienna would have been given the opportunities she has had with FilmComm? Cienna has had some awesome experiences and has been given incredible guidance and support, especially from Scott Merritt who has worked closely with us along this journey so far. Scott has been there for us on every assignment, cheering us along with way with infectious enthusiasm and outstanding professionalism. FilmComm has have proven to be a strong contender in this industry, and we’re proud and thankful to be represented by them.

Cienna (talent) and Ann-Margaret Prendergast (mom)

Brody Bover

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Brody met Melissa from Film/Comm at canal days in Port Colborne when he was 2 years old. He walked into the Film/Comm tent and started chatting with the models. She was the one who recommended he come in for an audition when he turned 3. I was nervous about putting my child into acting because my impression was that it is a cut throat business. I was also leery about start up costs and agency fees. I did my research and after meeting with a few different agents I was confident Film/Comm was the best fit for us. What I found at other agencies was that they take anyone for a fee. They don’t care if you get work – they get your fees anyway. Film/Comm does not take everyone but if they take you it is because they are confident you will get work because there are no fees just commission.

Brody has been with Film/Comm for just over a year and has had more auditions then I can count and has had 7 bookings. He has loved acting and loves having his picture taken. The people we have met have been wonderful and the food they serve on set is awesome! Scott (the agent that calls us with bookings or auditions) is excellent and knows us on a first name basis – most agencies just send an e-mail. Brody gets really excited when he hears his voice on the answering machine because he knows that voice leads to an adventure.

Thanks Film/Comm!
Linda Bover (Brody Bover’s Mom)