Melissa Rock

Agency Director 2005-present

Melissa Rock has been a Talent Agent for the past 16 years. Starting out in Advertising and Media in Toronto she worked hand in hand with the huge advertising Agencies creating campaign mock ups for their clients.

Melissa was intrigued by the industry and decided to explore more facets of it in 1999. She began working as a Booking Assistant at a Toronto based Talent Agency.

Through her years of working in the Advertising industry, she developed many direct contacts within the industry. Upon relocating to Niagara on the Lake in 2005, Melissa found herself in the heart of Theatre country surrounded by The Shaw Theatre and Stratford. Many Theatre actors began asking Melissa how they could cross over to Television and Film in the Niagara Region. There were no suitable Agencies in the Niagara Region to represent these established actors.

Melissa began referring these actors to Agencies in Toronto that she had built a rapport with during her advertising days. She quickly realized that there were many talented actors in the Niagara and Halton Regions and that there had to be an Agency in the area to represent these potential and established actors. New actors were very wary of being represented by Toronto Agents as they were too far away.

Melissa opened FilmComm Talent in 2005 with a starting roster of 34 actors. FilmComm quickly grew in the Niagara Region to a roster of 380 Principal actors within 1 year.

FilmComm Talent became the strongest Principal Agency in the Niagara/Halton Region within 3 years of opening their doors.

They relocated to Burlington in 2010 as the roster now consists of 40% Toronto based talent. Melissa wanted FilmComm to be in a convenient location for both the Niagara and Toronto based actors. She believes that despite the Skype and internet technology of today, actors should be able to have a coffee and a sit down with their Agents every few months.