FILMCOMM is the top Television and Film Agency in TORONTO, representing union and non-union actors.

FILMCOMM represents non union, ACTRA, AFTRA/SAG, UDA, and Voice over artists.

We do have a Junior Division for babies.

FILMCOMM TALENT opened in the Niagara Region in 2004 to provide this area a legitimate venue in which aspiring actors can gain access to the industry. Within 3 years we opened our Burlington office and our head office is downtown Toronto. We are a fully registered agency of the EIC.

FILMCOMM TALENT has built a name for themselves by being relentless in the promotion of our clients. We are extremely dedicated to ensuring the success of our actors. We specialize in having an eye for outstanding talent. Resumed actors feel right at home with our dedication and industry reach. Experience notwithstanding, we will take a chance on new actors that we feel possess the right attitude for this industry.
We work hand in hand with our client’s to ensure that our actors are as busy as possible. The more auditions, the more opportunity to correct mistakes, gain confidence and get booked!

FilmComm Talent is committed to delivering the best talent to the entertainment industry. Among our core values ensure the integrity, honour and professionalism of our clients and ourselves.