FilmComm Talent Agency is a Burlington​ based company​ with offices in Niagara and Toronto​ that represents union and non-union actors and voice-over artists from Coast to Coast throughout North America.

Many of our clients are award winning performers who are working in the film/TV and commercial Markets. FilmComm Talent is recognized as Halton and Niagara’s premiere Principal talent agencies.

Our roster is comprised of Multi-Cultural/ Diverse Adults, Teens, Children and Senior performers from well established professionals to emerging diamonds in the making.

We do NOT represent babies, we are not a Modelling Agency, we are NOT a school. Ages 3 and up only, beginners are welcome to apply.

We choose to be a boutique-sized Agency, as it allows us the time to foster strong relationships with each of our actors. We are known for our personalized hands-on management style, and the communication skills needed to create collaborative teamwork in building Careers.

FilmComm Talent currently houses 4 full time Agents, several part time assistants, and over 600 union and non-union actors.

FilmComm Talent has solid relationships with Major Casting directors in Canada and the U.S. We have cultivated a reputation over the past 15 years for developing a roster comprised of highly professional, creative and unique talent.

Our speciality is taking non-union beginner actors that have an in-demand look/age or ethnicity and establishing them in the industry. 60 % of our roster is now full union, most of which started out with absolutely no industry background or experience.

We do not advertise, you must apply through our website or attend our bi-yearly open calls. Please be sure to include your stats, contact info, and relevant industry background when applying in order for an Agent to contact you.

FilmComm Talent is committed to delivering the best talent to the entertainment industry. Among our core values ensure the integrity, honour and professionalism of our clients and ourselves.