Once you have signed contracts with the agency and you have presented your disc of Industry qualified headshots, the Head Booker will meet with you for approximately 1 hour. During this meeting your profile will be created to be submitted, your headshots will be uploaded, and your detailed contact info will be added to our system. The following information will be discussed:

CHECK IN POLICY : All talent is expected to email the agency every Friday ONLY IF there are days that you are unavailable to audition. If we do not hear from you during Friday check-in than we assume you are available and you are submitted consistently. If you have not booked out and decide to forgo an audition than you will be released from the agency for wasting our time and the casting director’s time. AUDITIONS ARE MANDETORY unless you have booked out ahead of time, notwithstanding extenuating circumstances.

CASTING WORKBOOK : Casting Workbook is a secondary breakdown service that the agency submits through. Casting Workbook only deals with actors independently thus your agency cannot sign you up for this service. You must register on your own and list FilmComm as you agency. Once you have done this you will appear on our database and we can upload your headshots, profile and resume. Registering for this service is highly recommended as it will double your audition opportunities. Simply log on to www.castingworkbook.com and follow the directions.

AUDITION NOTIFICATION : When selected to audition, you will be sent a detailed email with your call times, location, wardrobe, and date. We will also attach the original casting breakdown for you to view the pay rate, shoot dates, and role. All scripts and sides will be attached to ensure that you are able to prepare for the audition. We follow up all emails with a verbal phone call reminding you to check your email and confirm your attendance.

SLATING : You will be explained how to state your name and agency on camera.

WORKSHOPS : You are self employed as an actor and as such must do your part to aide in your representation by adding to your resume. The only workshops we recommend are led by LB Studios, EVN Studios, and Pro Actors Lab as well as workshops held by casting directors.

ACTRA : Differences between union and non union work will be discussed. In order to join the union actors must get three union credits. All beginner actors are submitted to union and non-union projects. If a non-union actor gets booked for a union project they must purchase a permit to be able to do the job. The permit is due prior to filming and is always less than the job pays. Once an actor has one credit they can become a union-apprentice while working on the remaining 2 credits. Union actors cannot be submitted to any non-union work; as such it is important to join the union at the right time and with the right resume to ensure consistent opportunity.

HEADSHOTS : The Booker will select 2 headshots for you to have copied by a print shop in order to hand out at auditions. Experienced actors will staple their resume to the back of their headshot to have ready for casting. Actors should have one casual headshot and one dressy headshot copied. Some casting directors do not ask for a hard copy at the audition but you should always have them on hand in case. Audition emails will usually specify if casting has requested you to bring your headshot and resume, most union projects will require a copy upon your arrival. FilmComm will not mark you active to be submitted until we verify that you have copied your shots and have them ready to bring to your auditions.

PAYMENT : As soon as your filming is complete an invoice is sent to the production company. Cheques usually arrive within 3 weeks to the agency. If it is a non union cheque it will issued to FilmComm, all union cheques are sent to the agency but are issued in the talents name. You will be notified that your cheque has arrived, non union cheques are mailed out with our commission deducted. Union actors will be emailed an invoice for agency fee owed and must submit their commission in order for their cheque to be released (this requires an appointment).