J.R. Ross

By October 20, 2015Reviews

Hi there!

I’m J.R. Ross and I signed up with Film/Comm in the fall of 2014. In the past year I’ve had the good fortune to appear in several television programs known as docu-dramas. They air on the Investigative Discovery Channel in North America and the U.K. I have also done voice over work for a U.S. production. In the past month I have earned my credits and have now joined ACTRA. I was selected for a role in the mini series production 11/22/63 (a novel by Stephen King) and appear in a dramatic scene with James Franko. I just completed a feature movie project entitled Filth City where I play a character named Jimmy Roach. I am elated with the work done for me by Film/Comm and have nothing but kind words to share. The Casting Houses are intimidating at first but the more auditions you attend the better you become at potentially landing roles. Know your lines and be prepared prior to the audition. We usually assume the casting director wants us to act in a certain way at an audition. This may not be the case so you have to be prepared to change the course in a hurry. But hey, that’s half the fun. Remember to not get discouraged if you don’t land a part. You will never know why you were not selected even if you think you nailed it. That’s just the nature of the beast. Exude confidence and believe in yourself. Melissa will take care of the rest.

Best of luck in your new career