After 16 years Filmcomm has decided to finally open a Baby Division. We have had overwhelming amounts of parents, siblings of our actors etc., asking for representation.

Filmcomm focuses on National Commercial and Print projects as well as catalogue work for our JUNIOR division.

Children under 2 do NOT require professional pictures…up to date selfies are what we require.

It is the responsibility of the parent to ensure that their child’s profile is updated every month in order for Filmcomm to be comfortable submitting them to our clients.

Please apply through our website or by email with your child’s current age, clothing size, ethnicity, and most importantly…you must attach 2 current photos. If your child is selected for representation you will receive an email from our Baby Agent.


We do not require a meeting with your child, selections will be based solely on age and look, so please ensure that you send us clear photos so that we are able to really see your child.

We will not accept phone calls regarding applications. If your child is not selected, please do not take it personally. In order for our Junior’s to do well in this industry we can only accept a few with the same look at a time.

The most sought after age categories by casting are as follows:

6 months
9 months
12 months
1.5-2 years

Industry standard commission rates for bookings are the same as for any actor: 15% for Television work, and 20% for Print work.

In order to be considered, you must be flexible to transport your child to auditions and bookings.

Please refer to the rest of the website for detailed info on the workings of the industry. The only difference in casting babies vs older children is that a client will often book 2 babies that look the same for the same role. This is to ensure the have a back up as babies moods are unpredictable while on set.

Filmcomm regularly gets asked for real siblings, if you have child over 3 in the industry this is a great way to have both together for these types of projects.

Children over 3 may require professional headshots (we don’t care where, as long as they are professional), children over 3 will not be considered for our Junior’s Division and must apply for our roster ages 3 plus.