In order to be considered for a spot on our roster, all aspiring and established talent must book an evaluation at the agency. You can email your stats and contact info through the website by clicking on the contact icon or by calling the agency during office hours. An agent will sit down with you for approximately 20 minutes. During that time the agent will be focused on your personality, any musical talents, sports abilities, and acting abilities. The agent will get to know your communication skills and how you conduct yourself in a job interview. Established actors will be asked for their resume and/or demo reel and will be asked to describe their industry background and experience.

After your evaluation the agent will then sit down with our Head Booker to discuss your category. We do our research to ensure that we do not rep more than three to five actors that are physically similar in the same age group. We then research how many casting breakdowns are coming in asking for your category, how busy the existing actors are in your group, to ensure minimal competion within the agency.

Due to the fact that we make our money on commission from the jobs our actors land we want to ensure that each category is small and that our submissions to the casting houses are small.

An evaluation does not guarantee a spot on our roster. We understand that new actors have several questions regarding the industry. If the agency is offering you a spot on our roster we will then book several lengthy meetings to ensure all questions are answered.


All talent must bring 2 photos to their appointment. These photos do NOT have to be professional. We are not judging them in any way; we simply want to remember who you are at the end of the day. We will not see anyone without their photos. If you are coming to us from an agency and are an existing actor please bring your professional headshots and resume to your appointment along with any demo reels.

Please be prepared to wait up to 15 minutes for your appointment. We do our best to see all talent at their set time, however casting calls take priority over all appointments.

Please ensure that you have read our entire website, just like a job interview we will not be interested in managing anyone that doesn’t take the time to research who we are and what we do.

We will not interview any minors without their legal guardians. Our policy is if you are under the age of 23 and live at home with your parents than one of them must accompany you to the evaluation. This cuts down the amount of information that must be repeated.