Eco-Casts and Self-Taping

By January 24, 2018Blog Posts

Auditioning remotely is becoming more popular with Casting Directors. It frees up studio time, reduces costs, and allows them to view your audition multiple times. As an actor, self-taping and eco-cast auditions give you a great advantage! No nerves, in the comfort of your own home, and it can be filmed at whatever time of day is convenient for you. 

There are 2 types of self-tape auditions, Eco-Cast; which is exclusively through the Actors Access website, and Self-Tape; this can be requested to be submitted through many types of media and submission links.   

Eco-Cast – You will get a notification via your Agent to check your Actors Access email. In your CMail (the internal email host that Actors Access uses), there will be an invitation from casting with instructions, scripts etc. 

Self-Tape – You will be notified via your Agent that casting requests you to film yourself reciting the given script or other instructions (reactions, movement etc.).  

READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS in the audition emails. They give all the information needed. The deadline, the details and whatever else casting wants you to be aware of.

 A few guidelines to follow:

  • DOWNLOAD the MYSELFTAPE APP : This app will put your audition together in a professional way. It is very user friendly.
  • Have your lines memorized! Never ever read your lines from a piece of paper.
  • Use a neutral background, nothing distracting or with loud patterns.
  • Always film in landscape
  • Cell Phone recording is acceptable – use a tripod, there are many available specifically for cell phones and tablets
  • Lighting is important, try not to have harsh light or shadows cast across you
  • Use a reader, they should be quieter then you as you are the focus and the one auditioning, not them!
  • Please slate your name and agency before starting your script! 

There are tutorials and workshops dedicated to teaching the self-tape process; they are definitely worth the investment! 

Alternatively, you can book yourself into a recording studio as there are many dedicated to just this application. Research what is best in your area.

CASTING WORKBOOK offers self tape services. 

The deadline for the tape from casting is FIRM, there is no wiggle room. Once the deadline passes, there is nothing your Agent can do to submit the media. A self-tape or eco cast audition is just as important as an in person audition. Missing one will be treated as such. Always submit BEFORE the deadline, and remember your Agent doesn’t work 24/7, so submitting it during normal business hours is strongly recommended.

Once you have uploaded your media, Actors Access will prompt your Agent to review the tape and submit it to casting. If there is a 8pm deadline on a weekday, and you upload the tape at 7:30pm, chances are your tape will not be submitted by your Agent. The chances that your Agent is going to run from their dinner table to the computer to submit your tape at the last minute is just not reasonable.

Eco-Cast and Self-Tapes are a very efficient and convenient way to audition. It is not optional that actors learn to do self tapes….it is a mandatory part of being an actor in 2018.