Darren Washington

By October 16, 2015Reviews

In the spring of 2011, I went with a friend to sit in on her meeting with Filmcomm. I, myself, had no aspirations of being an actor, model, or any type of entertainer. While I was there, both Melissa and Helena saw something in me that made them feel that I could have good success in the business… so I took a chance on the idea. These ladies knew what they were talking about. Auditions came immediately and it wasn’t long before I landed roles on the Syfy and discovery channels. Soon after, I landed several print jobs as the opportunities seemed to be flowing my way. I must say that Scott has really been on point as far as handling my bookings and communicating everything necessary for the audition at hand. Besides that, he’s really a great guy.

I’ve been with Filmcomm for about a year and a half now. My experience and success has exceeded any expectation that I ever imagined to this point. I have built a very respectful resume of work while making some healthy bank deposits at the same time. Currently, I am an ACTRA apprentice and moving foward in the Biz. I am really grateful for the opportunity afforded to me because you never know when the window will close on you. Filmcomm gave me a chance and I took advantage of it. Now I’m just going to see how far this ride takes me. This has been an experience that I know I will always reflect on. Thanks to the crew at Filmcomm.

Daron Washington