Brody Bover

By October 16, 2015Reviews

Brody met Melissa from Film/Comm at canal days in Port Colborne when he was 2 years old. He walked into the Film/Comm tent and started chatting with the models. She was the one who recommended he come in for an audition when he turned 3. I was nervous about putting my child into acting because my impression was that it is a cut throat business. I was also leery about start up costs and agency fees. I did my research and after meeting with a few different agents I was confident Film/Comm was the best fit for us. What I found at other agencies was that they take anyone for a fee. They don’t care if you get work – they get your fees anyway. Film/Comm does not take everyone but if they take you it is because they are confident you will get work because there are no fees just commission.

Brody has been with Film/Comm for just over a year and has had more auditions then I can count and has had 7 bookings. He has loved acting and loves having his picture taken. The people we have met have been wonderful and the food they serve on set is awesome! Scott (the agent that calls us with bookings or auditions) is excellent and knows us on a first name basis – most agencies just send an e-mail. Brody gets really excited when he hears his voice on the answering machine because he knows that voice leads to an adventure.

Thanks Film/Comm!
Linda Bover (Brody Bover’s Mom)