Bernadette Medhurst

By October 20, 2015Reviews

As a client with Filmcomm, I appreciate the efforts Melissa and her staff put into promoting their clients, working with details and being available for questions when required. Their support and professionalism is appreciated. The in-house workshops with CD’s hosted by Filmcomm, was terrific, and very valuable. Melissa is invested in her clients, and that speaks volumes in an industry where it is easy for clients to get lost among the faces and names. The casting houses I have been invited to audition at, have ALL been courteous, professional and organized. A challenging prospect when you think about the volumes of people, roles to fill, expectations and deadlines to be met.

I appreciate the honesty, guidance and contacts provided in the past year by my Agent, Casting Directors that I have had the opportunity to speak with, and the various coaching and acting mentors that have lent me their wisdom. I look forward to continuing to work with Filmcomm in an ever growing and changing industry. Thank-you Melissa and Clay for your continued support and efforts!